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Failure to Prove Income?

No Problem!

The Second Chance loan allows nearly any individual, who otherwise would not be approved by other lenders due to impending circumstances (Credit, Proper Income, Etc.), to get the loan they need to consolidate their debt, buy a new car or cover costly repairs. 

  • No Bank!
  • No Hassle!
  • No Months of Back and Forth Requisition of Forms
  • Caring and Informative Staff. 

 Starting At $75,000

Money When You Need It!


Residential Loans

Bad Credit? Limited Income? No Problem. Reconcile your debt with our second chance loan. We base the mortgage loans on the equity accumulated in their properties. 

Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans with the flexibility of multiple property types and qualifying loans.  We fund the loans when the banks don't. 

Probate Loans

Providing payment of estate expenses needed to cash Beneficiaries or to pay off a Reverse Mortgage without waiting for court finalization.

It's Quick and Easy!

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